Gundog Trialling Clinic With Lee Cooper

A Panel Judge
Made up 10 Champions
2nd in Springer Championships
2nd in Cocker Championships

Date: Saturday 27th July
Time: 9 am - 1 pm
Price: £60 per person.
Up to 8 dogs and handlers
Location: Near Ludlow, Shropshire

About the Gundog Trialling Clinic

During the clinic, Lee will provide training for up to 8 dogs and their handlers, addressing any training issues you may encounter with your own gundog. The clinic will take place at his facilities in Shropshire, within an enclosed rabbit pen.

Who the Clinic is for?

The clinic is designed for people and dogs with prior trial experience who may be transitioning from novice level and facing challenges in reaching the open category despite having acquired COM tickets.

Book the clinic:

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One-to-One Private Tuition

Often the most popular form of training, private tuition will begin with an initial consultation focusing on assessment of both the dog and handler along side an in depth discussion regarding your specific training needs and aims. A tailor made training schedule will then be formulated, with the frequency of training sessions scheduled to suit you.

This form of tuition is suitable for novice handlers wanting to take a structured approach to the training of their young gundog, those looking to solve problems that have developed during training and also the more experienced handler wanting to prepare a dog for trialling.

It is never too soon to take guidance and advice on training. With even the very best intentions it is so easy to make early mistakes, which then require months of extremely hard work to correct. Whether you intend to train your dog for shooting or trialling, or simply wish to create an obedient and trusted companion, laying solid foundations from the off is crucial. For this reason I am keen to offer advice to owners of young pups, especially if you are taking on your first spaniel. I appreciate advice of this nature will be circumstance specific and therefore would be happy to offer a single introductory session initially, with additional training and guidance depending on the progression of your pup.

I am happy to offer group tuition if you have a number of friends that you would like to train with.

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