FTAW Breckmarsh Leo (Bruce)

Breed: Springer Spaniel
Sex: Dog
colour: Liver and White
date of birth: 09-06-2017
kennel name: Bruce
owner: Mr L Cooper

kc registration number: AU02758009

parents grandparents g-grandparents g,g-grandparents
FTCH Bishwell Black Magic of Breckmarsh
Awarded Top Dog and Placed 2nd at the 2016/17 Championships
FTCH Helmsway Henry
DOM 14/15 Championship
FTCH Maesyronen Markettrader
X2 DOMs 07/09 & 2nd 09/10 Championship
FTCH Kettlestang Clipper
3rd 96/97 Championship
OFTW Maesydderwen Whisper
FTCH Helmsway Holly
DOM 07/08 Championship
FTCH Steadroc Sker
Championship Winner 01
FTCH Craighaar Charisma
Irish Champs Winner & 2nd British Championship 06
FTW Edwardiana Holly of Bishwell FTCH Edwardiana Rob
DOM 05/06 Championship
FTCH Knockmany Jumbo
FTCH Edwardiana Bella of Ringsper
FTCH Edwardiana Gypsy FTCH Kettlestang Comet
FTCH Edwardiana Topsy
DOM 02/03 Championship
FTCH Breckmarsh Diamond
FTCH Hollydrive Kurt FTW Blueberry Sherbert FTCH Edgegrove Entitle
FTW Catleylane Visage Lass
INT FTCH Poppet Rocket IR FTCH Bramble Taff
Laganmill Tern
OFTW Edwardiana Briar FTCH Edwardiana Rob
Dom 05/06 Championship
FTCH Knockmany Jumbo
FTAW Edwardiana Bella of Ringsper
FTCH Edwardiana Tawny FTCH Clarburgh Art
FTCH Toonarmy Torrent