FTAW Breckmarsh Leo (Bruce)

Bruce is a strong, powerful dog both in stature and hunting ability. He is the son of FTCH Breckmarsh Diamond and has inherited his mother’s hard hunting attitude. An extremely determined, methodical hunter covering the ground with style and pace which gives him a great deal of presence while he’s working. The attributes of FTCH Breckmarsh Diamond combined with FTCH Bishwell Black Magic’s natural flare, game finding and marking ability has proved to be an excellent pairing, from which Bruce has inherited these qualities. Bruce’s level of ground treatment lends itself to his excellent game finding ability and his kind, biddable nature makes him level headed enough to have that all important level of respect for his handler. For that reason, this powerful dog is an exciting partner in the field without being untrainable.

Bruce was awarded second at his first trial at the end of last season at the tender age of 17 months, only narrowly missing out on the top spot. Bruce hunts with style and drive, has heart and spirit, and that level of honesty which makes him a pleasure to train. He will be Lee’s Novice dog for this year.