FTCH Heathcroft Declan of Breckmarsh (Freddie)

In 2021, Freddie showcased his exceptional talent by winning his novice stake on his first outing. Following this success, he continued to excel, securing victory in an open stake on his second outing. In his second year, during his initial open stake competition, Freddie won to become a field trial champion.

Freddie is a powerful dog in both his hunting ability, his stature, and is an exceptional retriever. He has an incredible ability to find game. He is a methodical and determined hunter who covers ground with style and with pace. He will enthusiastically attack a variety of cover. Freddie’s personality is kind and biddable, with a level-headed attitude towards his work, making him a pleasure to train and work with, qualities he is successfully passing onto his progeny, making him a very desirable stud dog. Freddie is available for stud, he is fully health tested, and the young dogs and pups we have on the ground from him are already showing promise for a bright future in trialling.