FTCH Tiptopjack Ajay (Ted)

Ted is a young achiever, being placed second in an open stake when he made his field trial debut at just 15 months old. He then went on to win an open stake at the Carmarthenshire Open Cocker in 2015. Following this, Ted gained his FTCH status and was awarded a DOM at the 2017/18 Cocker Championships held at Sandringham Estate.

Although packed full of Cocker character, Ted’s kind nature and willingness to please means his enthusiasm is readily harnessed and effectively utilized in the hunting field. His natural ability to find game, partnered with unwavering focus, means he is an exhilarating hunting companion. Although an all round game dog, he excels on rabbits and his ability to take a line and retrieve wounded game is second to none. Ted has won open stake trials on both pheasants and rabbits.

Ted has already produced promising offspring who clearly exhibit his flare and style.

BVA / Kennel Club eye scheme (including gonioscopy) clear. FN and AMS clear

Semen can be collected, assessed and sent chilled throughout the UK, Europe and parts of the USA. Frozen semen can be exported worldwide. The protocols of each individual export country is followed and I provide all the necessary documentation and tests required for the semen destination.