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Breckmarsh Gundogs was established by Lee Cooper in 2008.

Lee has been training and trialling working spaniels for over 18 years. His early experience began with training his own spaniels for rough shooting. Following the production of several high quality spaniels for the shooting field, Lee began to breed from his line of working cockers and springers. His passion for training spaniels, alongside a constant desire to be challenged, lead to an early involvement with training and competing trialling spaniels. Lee has made up eight field trial champions during his trialling career. He also has numerous open stake and novice wins to his name.

Lee is now actively involved with both working and trialling spaniels and prides himself on producing a dual-purpose dog with the ability to successfully compete in trials but also work effectively in the shooting field. He is an A panel spaniel judge for the Kennel Club and regularly judges working tests and trials throughout the UK.

Breckmarsh Gundogs is ideally located within the rolling Shropshire countryside. On site facilities include a well stocked, three acre training pen and the surrounding countryside provides mixed terrain and cover allowing for the simulation of a variety of hunting conditions.

Dog Breeding Licence No. - 19/00212/AIAL (5* Rating)

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Novice Field Trial Win - 14 Months
Field Trial Champion Status - 3 Years
DOM - 2015/16 Championships
2nd Place and Top Dog - 2016/17 Championships
BVA / Kennel Club Eye Scheme - Clear (inc. Gonioscopy)

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Field Trial Debut - Open Stake, 2nd Place - 15 Months
Open Stake Winner - 2015
Field Trial Champion Status - 2017
DOM - 2017/18 Championships at Sandringham Estate
FN and AMS - Clear

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